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For when you need in-person assistance for San Antonio & surrounding areas. We can provide latch assistance, help with pumping, or trouble shooting a variety of issues such as pain, nipple damage, low supply or oversupply. Have you been told your baby has a "tongue tie"? We can help!

 We do "weigh and feed's" to determine how much your baby is taking at the breast/chest and perform a thorough, full assessment of you, your baby and a feeding- assisting with and discussing any issues that arise. And finally we develop a plan together to reach your feeding goals!

Much like an in-home visit, virtual consults can assist with a variety of needs including latch coaching, feeding questions or working through with a variety of issues such as pain, nipple damage, low supply or oversupply. These are also excellent for general questions and concerns, as well as guidance with pumping and preparing to go back to work! Available to anyone with access to the internet!

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A personal, one-on-one "Lactation 101" consult to prepare you for everything you will need to know to be successful with your feeding goals! This is tailor-made to your needs, goals and existing knowledge and can either be very broad, or zero in on specific topics/concerns you may have as you prepare for your lactation journey after delivery.

If you are an organization or business interested in hosting a prenatal group class, please visit here.


We offer exclusive pumping and/or back to work consultations in-home or via Teleahealth online.  We will cover the unique specifics of pumping, how to work your pump, maximizing your supply on a pump and how to help your baby with this transition.

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Extras & Insurance

*Currently we contract with the Lactation Network to cover families with certain Blue Cross Blue Shield & Cigna plans 100% for their lactation visits, meaning no out of pocket costs or deductibles! To find out if you are covered, visit here. For those who are not covered and would like to book directly, we always provide what are called "Super Bills" (itemized receipts) that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We recommend always checking with your insurance company for reimbursement rates and coverage information prior to your visit to find out about your coverage. 

*Multiples are $50 per extra infant

*If you are over 15 miles from the San Antonio city center (simply map your address from the Alamo) there is a $15 extended area service fee.