Chestfeeding Group Classes

At Queen Lactation we offer both one-on-one prenatal consultations and group classes to learn all about breastfeeding/chestfeeding and providing human milk! We recommend groups ranging between 4-16 individuals or 2-8 couples (with the feeding parent and partner or support person.)

From the moment a parent finds out they are expecting, they begin to envision and plan what their life will be like with their new baby! How to feed their baby is a HUGE part of that and newborn life in general. It can be very exciting, but also incredibly overwhelming figuring out where to start and how to prepare!

Group classes are a wonderful way to help ease this worry for expecting parents and prepare them for feeding their newborn!

In group breastfeeding/chestfeeding classes we cover all of the basics that families will need to be successful and confident in their feeding journeys! We cover the benefits of providing human milk and feeding options from direct breastfeeding/chestfeeding to pumping to bottle feeding.  We explore providing human milk can look like from birth to 6 months and beyond! We show the specifics on how to latch, pump and/or bottle feed, how to ensure parents have an ample supply and ensure their baby is getting enough and thriving!

Prenatal preparation is one of the best ways to give families the support they need to reach their feeding goals and enjoy all of the protective benefits providing human milk has to offer for parents and infants alike!

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In-person classes available to San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. 

Virtual classes available worldwide!

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