Couple with their Baby

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens in a consultation?

Both in-person and virtual visits generally begin by discussing the intake information you provided prior, as well as focusing on the primary concerns. Initial consultations are generally a little more  in-depth at the beginning as we get to know one another. Next we weigh Baby for our starting weight and then begin feeding when the parents and baby are ready. Throughout the feeding we discuss and learn. Consultations can be more or less hands-on depending on parent preference and need. Some families prefer more verbal coaching, some parents prefer more hands on assistance. Whatever your preference during the consult is absolutely respected. At the end of the feeding(s) we weigh Baby again and are able to determine the amount of milk intake. This helps develop the picture of how things are going in relation to whatever concerns/needs are happening. At the end of the visit we talk about how things are going and develop a plan together to reach your goals. Finally, via e-mail we send you a care plan summarizing the information we talked about within 2 business days.

How should I prepare for a consultation?

  • Decide where you would like our consultation to take place in your home. Ideally where you spend most of your time breastfeeding/chestfeeding and are most comfortable.

  • Please ensure all pets are secured during our consultation, except for service animals. If you have a service animal, please let us know prior to our visit.

  • Feed your infant about 90 minutes prior to visit so they will be ready to eat at our visit. If your infant is getting fussy prior to visit, try spending some time skin to skin or swaddle and rock them as alternative ways to console.

  • Average Length of Initial Visit: 1.5-2 hours

  • Average Length of Follow Up Visit: 1-1.5 hours

  • Average Length of any other visit type: 1-2 hours

What are your safety practices at Queen Lactation?

  • Our consultant will identify themselves at the door and provide a business card. They will then begin their consultation by washing their hands. Hand sanitizer can be utilized if soap and running water not accessible. We always wear a mask in observance of the COVID-19 CDC recommendations.

  • Latex-free gloves are worn when examining an infant, when touching a breastfeeding/chestfeeding parent, and/or when being hands on in any way.

  • Your lactation consultant will be dressed professionally in scrubs and/ or wearing a Queen At Home Lactation Services branded shirt. They are happy to remove their shoes or bring slippers upon request. As well, feel free to let us know before your visit if there are any special ways we can accommodate a comfortable home visit for you.

  • If electronic devices are used, all screens and keyboards will be cleaned at the end of every visit. Scale will be sanitized at the end of every visit.

Who can be there for my consultation?

In short, whoever you would like! We encourage spouses, partners, co-parents, family- whoever you feel most comfortable with and who is likely to be involved in helping you with infant feeding.

Is Queen Lactation in any insurance networks?

Unfortunately not at this time, thanks to some technicalities with most insurance companies (more info on that here). However we do provide a SuperBill for initial and follow up visits to submit to your insurance for reimbursement based on your own individual benefits. We recommend you check with your insurance before your consultation to find out what your coverages are. If you have any difficulties, here is a link to a really helpful blog article  and the National Women's Law Center Toolkit