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If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or Cigna PPO plan:

If you have benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or Cigna PPO & would like to book with us for FREE, we have partnered with the Lactation Network to get you the help you need & deserve.  Simply click the pink button below and within 90 minutes you can find out if you can schedule a visit at no cost to you. No funny business, no hidden charges. Just helping you navigate your benefits to get the lactation care you need and deserve!*

(Note: You are eligible whether you, the lactating parent has BCBS /Cigna OR your baby has BCBS /Cigna benefits! If you're unsure, there is no cost or risk of submitting the request. Worst case it is denied and you can book with me directly through he blue button below!)

If you do not have BCBS or Cigna, please book via this button:

You can see our full pricing and availability here and after your visit we provide you with a SuperBill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.