Hi there!

My name is Alyssa Queen RN, IBCLC. Even before I became a Nurse in 2014 and Lactation Consultant in 2017, I have had an innate passion for helping pregnant people and new parents. Every family has a different history and goal, unique to themselves. 
Having my own two children in 2015 & 2017, taught me the paradox of parenthood with the highest, most love-filled highs and the lowest, hardest challenges I have ever experienced. It made me all the more passionate and driven to help families in this beautiful, difficult, all-consuming journey of new parenthood. After all, when a baby is born, a parent is born and a family is born.
Throughout my career I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of families. Over and over I have seen first hand the key to meeting your lactation goals: prenatal education/preparation and crucially timed support throughout the lactation journey. Even though breastfeeding/chestfeeding or providing human milk may be "natural", just as learning to walk or talk is "natural". It is still a learning process that takes time and a little help. After all, it takes a village!  
If you need some help or guidance, I would be honored to be there for you and your family too.