At Queen Lactation, we are here to help with whatever Lactation challenges come your way! Having problems or pain? Need help with latching or pumping? Interested in a prenatal class? Check our services below!

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Evidenced-Based, Compassionate Care

Our founder, Alyssa Queen RN, IBCLC has been a nurse since 2014 and Lactation Consultant since 2017. She is dedicated to providing compassionate and evidenced-based care and education to families in and around the San Antonio, Texas area. By keeping up to date on the newest evidence-based information and meeting every family where they uniquely are at, she has helped hundreds of families as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC.) To families who feel overwhelmed, are struggling or simply want to learn as much as they can through their lactation journeys, Alyssa is here to help.

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Full-service, family-centered assistance and education for any and all lactation needs.

Prenatal Consultation

Your own personalized lactation class to discuss all you will need to know to meet your breastfeeding/chestfeeding goals! Offered both in-person or virtually.

In-Home Consultation

Having problems? Issues such as nipple or breast/chest pain, low supply, difficult latch, overactive let down? An in-home consultation allows for a complete assessment where we teach any needed skills and a develop a plan to resolve the challenges you are facing. Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Virtual Consultation

This is for anyone looking for support and extra help in dealing with any challenges and difficulties via Telehealth. Though we are not able to help hands-on, we are still able to work together to coach you through challenges and develop a plan to reach your lactation goals.


Queen Lactation is an inclusive practice! 

We support and include families of all races, ethnicities, faiths, nationalities, marital status, identification as LGTBQIA+, political affiliations and/or physical, intellectual or Neuro-differences. We love to meet each family exactly where they are at and as they are to help them accomplish their own personal lactation goals and preferences!